DECODED MILAN 2016: the future is now

Fashion and New Technologies design and new business strategy

On behalf of e-Pitti, Milan recently hosted the fourth edition of Decoded, the event that is building the track where technology and fashion are writing the future.
The event was born in New York City in 2012 and has expanded to Europe and Japan where it has led the fashion world to become more involved in new words and new consumer attitudes.

The new words are:
Upheaval of the traditional. - renovation - global - social - sustainability - human experience - journey - Cloud - digital - influencer - reinventing

Major topics:
The consumer is at the center of any market. The more information the brand is able to catch, the more precisely they are able to satisfy the consumer's needs. The millennials have forced many brands to change their digital strategy and renovate their brand image. New technology and the adopting of Artificial Intelligence has multiplied the capacity to serve and satisfy the growing needs of the consumers.

Online Platforms:
A new way of segmenting  online offers is on the way;
Multibrand (general platform)
Discounted (biggest platform)
Deep One brand offer (direct brand platform)
Offline to online (multibrand store platform)

Brand image renovating:
Lifestyle is much more related to the target consumers than before. The message to pass to the consumer is different continent by continent. The data coming from the interactivity between the brand and the consumer can identify many more clusters than before, and the brands are adopting different strategies and messages to catch their attention.

The world is getting "social"
There is a new transformation in the attitude of the consumer in buying online; the majority are using smartphones rather than computers, and they have less time to surf the net. This means that brands need to maximize the effect in small time. Social medias are occupying more time in the surfing activity of the consumers, so the brands are changing their digital strategies.

Being digital is not only advertisements and promotions, but a different strategy of communication in-house and off-house. Big players are becoming digital companies where the product is just the finalization of the digital activity.

Human Experience
The involving of the consumer in the brand life is complete at any level. The track to get the consumer close to the brand is also related to the capacity of the brand to share daily life with their consumers.

The global social media
Instagram is working to complete their range of services connected with social activity. In the near future they will combine social life with the capacity to offer a "click to buy" option in order to engage their followers in a direct rentable purchasing moment.

Not only big budget
Nowadays, the market is not only dedicated to the big player. Anyone has a change if the attention is dedicated to identifying the right target, no matter their investment capacity.

Moncler Global Digital Company
Moncler is the first Full Digital Company. The use of new media to involve the market has no restrictions: in-house, lifestyle, social per each continent, geographic price control, lifestyle and innovation are the general infrastructure on which is based the success of the newest luxury global brand.

Chiara Ferragni Collection, a rising business
How can an influencer build a successful global brand? An extraordinary mix of a terrific social media presence, with 66,5 million followers, and the ability to generate a 20 Million Euro turnover, makes this one of the most successful collections of the decade.

Gucci reinventing image close to the new consumer
The most celebrated luxury global brand has focused its strategy on renewing the brand identity to be close to the millennials. Renewing doesn't mean betraying the heritage, but modifying the brand attractiveness using new language and new refinements.